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ARKJammers Connection, Inc.
The ARKJammers Connection, Inc.
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Next Gen Action (NGA)  is a program designed to engage youth in citizen service, and get them involved in a tangible way to solve real-life problems and make meaningful contributions to their community, while gaining the knowledge, skills, attitudes and aspirations they need to grow up healthy, caring, responsible and successful adults.

To acheve those goals, we use campaign such as CAMERACTION®, and CAMERACTION For Peace®, Round table discussions and Forums.


CAMERACTION est une campagne de sensibilisation invitant les jeunes camerounais à adopter un nouvel esprit de service
CAMERACTION For Peace® is a solidarity movement inviting Cameroonian youth to greater citizen service for the preservation of peace, unity and national integrity.
ARK Jammers uses those platforms to raise awareness and bring together people to take action to change the world...






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