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CAMERACTION For Peace® is a solidarity movement inviting Cameroonian youth to greater citizen service for the preservation of peace, unity and national integrity.



This national, apolitical campaign is the second act of the CAMERACTION® program, launched in 2013 to inspire a new spirit of service and citizen responsibility among the youth in Cameroon, and to cultivate a new generation of engaged cameroonians.

The campaign, also seeks to celebrate Cameroon's vibrant history of cultural diversity, has first been launched in Yaounde, to be spreaded to other cities around the country. To deliver the ARK Jammers' message of solidarity, many communications tools are beeing used including: the media (internet, radio, press), hors media (posters, banners, flyers, brochures), special events (conferences, round table discussions, seminaries, shows...), spokespersons (emblematic figures in the field of arts and culture, media, sports, business, academic, religious, traditionnel, political...).

Program Concept

Cameroon, like many other nations, faces challenges in all aspects of its development including security. Though its current security situation is relatively under control, the levels of serious crime (including terrorist attack, kidnapping and armed banditry) are getting higher. The solution to these challenges will come not only from within the public policy space and the role of government, but also from the daily actions of citizens across the nation. The more engaged the population is in the search for answers, the more effective the national response will be to Cameroon's security challenges. This basic fact underlies the ARK Jammers concept of Cameraction for Peace. The approach is driven by a deep faith in the potential of Cameroonians, a dynamic, resourceful and gifted people who has the capacity to each become a more active member of their country, and we strongly believe that maintaining peace and stability in Cameroon will be the work of all, the collective fruit of our individual labor!

Why the Call and why the young?

  •  Because youth citizen service is a simple, practical and universal means to transform Cameroon;
  •  Because a nation defended by its youth is invincible
  •  Because Cameroon is a young nation with 64% of its population largely under 35.
  •  Because Cameroon's young people have the desire, energy, ability and creative ideas to serve their communities and make a real difference.
  •  Because a simple kind act, in itself, bonds and heals, benefiting all involved - the giver, the receiver and the observer.

To prepare for the journey ahead, and to re-commit to that for which all Cameroonians aspire: a great nation for an enterprising people, the ARK Jammers are calling on Cameroon's youth to each ask: What can I do to make Cameroon a better place?

Our Call To Action:

...and YOU, what do you do to make Cameroon a better place?





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