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ARKJAMMERS is working to connect Cameroonian cities to the Strong Cities Network.


The SCN It is the first global network of local authorities united in building community resilience to violent extremism in all forms. The goal is to strengthen strategic planning and practices among local government representatives and build the capacity of local practitioners to prevent the spread of violent extremism.

The Strong Cities Network will host its First Annual Global Training and Collaboration Workshop in Antalya, Turkey in May 2016. The Annual Global Training and Collaboration Workshop of the Strong Cities Network represents the largest yearly global conference of cities, municipalities and other local authorities leading efforts to prevent violent extremism from across the world. 

Convening over 100 local authority representatives from all regions of the world, Annual Strong Cities Training and Collaboration Workshops provide a global forum for city representatives to showcase local projects; participate in local innovation workshops and network with colleagues from across the globe. For further information write at


   The Strong Cities Network strategic objectives are :


Facilitate systematic sharing of knowledge, expertise and lessons learned on building social cohesion and community resilience to prevent violent extremism across cities on an international basis, through both regional workshops and international conferences.


Raise awareness of existing policy, programming, and practice through a dynamic and searchable ‘Online Information Hub’, providing an extensive library of existing local approaches and responses to prevent violent extremism.


Directly support cities to develop strategic frameworks and capabilities to build resilience that safeguard the rights of their local communities, including through capacity building seminars and interactive training modules on themes of mutual interest.


Facilitate international partnerships through a dedicated ‘Twinning Program’, established to develop sustained links between two or more cities based on mutual priorities and capacity for learning and co-creation of new projects.


Directly seed the development of new and innovative projects through ‘Local Innovation Grants’, providing support for cities on innovative project development and support for the transfer of promising projects that could be adapted across different locations.


Provide a global platform to enable cities to jointly voice their needs and those of their communities, to inform national and international decision-making on preventing the spread and growth of violent extremism.

To know more about The Strong Cities Network, you can download the brochure here.







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