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To help Afro-descendants solve centuries-old puzzles about their origins, ARP unfolds in 3 phases.


To help Afro-descendants solve centuries-old puzzles about their origins, ARP unfolds in the following 3 phases:


Welcome Ceremony at Embassy of Ancestral Country 

Starting where lab work by DNA analysts ends, the program begins with a ceremony of Welcome and Acceptance into the family fold on a piece of "territory" that the newfound family member can call home: the Embassy of the country of origin. Information to the embassy ensures that relevant authorities in the country are brought into the picture. 


Return Journey to Ancestral Home

A week-long trip to the motherland is arranged over time, with the active support and participation of the country authorities, to go full circle and bring the sojourner to the logical end of their journey. During the trip, participants are exposed to the deeper aspects of Africa's more and traditions; to their heritage and to the best their country of origin has to offer in terms of hospitality, culture, culinary variety, and opportunities for social and economic engagement. They go from one city to  another and are welcomed by government officials, traditional rulers and their courts, and civil society members. They can see and experience the great diversity that define their ancestral home. For many of the participants, this deeply emotional homecoming will be a rediscovery of a homeland that is rich and diverse, happy and full of surprises. For many, it will be their first view of Africa beyond what has remained a very distorted picture shaped by uninformed news reports. Through this reconnection trip, the message is sent to the city and to the world: "The traveler has arrived. From this day on, you are in your family and will never again be alone!”.


Ancestry Family Reunion

This family reunion is a two-day special event organized after the trip to the ancestral home is completed. Supported by the Embassy of the country of origin, the event will gather ARP participants and nationals of the ancestral country. It is designed to create a platform for these twohalf of a once broken ancestral family to:

  • Interact and get to know each other better; engage in discussions on issues of interest to both communities, bond and pursue common goals
  • Honor and celebrate two of our enslaved ancestors, whose suffering and sacrifice, strength and  endurance, faith and forgiveness, amazing capacity for survival and achievements (despite insurmountable obstacles!), contributed to the building of our nations.

The event is a socio-cultural and historical gathering that will bring out the best of the ancestral home’s art and culture, fashion and design, music and dance, and gastronomy. A good action will be dedicated to our celebrated ancestors. There will be opportunities for socializing and talking informally, eating, dancing, drinking. 

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