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The ARP gives Afro-descendants the life-changing opportunity to reconnect with their ancestral roots.

Avline Ava   2010-03-10

The African sun is rising and, with it, a celebration of the return to Africa by many in the Diaspora! Alex Haley's symbolic return to his Mandingo Roots in the last century seems to have spurned an activity that may become this century's most defining social action in America: the search for ethnic roots by Americans of African origin. A growing number of people in the Diaspora are finally embarking on the same journey, using their DNA to guide them to the place their ancestors came from, and coming up with a family storyline that begins in different places on the African continent. Who would have imagined that a hard to pronounce chemical - deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) - would become one of the most sought after elements in genetic science?

DNA amplification and the process of going down the genealogical tree takes place essentially in the laboratory of the DNA expert. For the vast majority that have begun the process, the excitement of discovery and the connection to Africa has stayed in the vicinity of the laboratory and within their own homes. The process need not end here: the lab news and the home celebrations should be the start of a whole new experience; a rebirth and a reconnection to that land of the ancestors

That is where the ARK Jammers Ancestry Reconnection Program (ARP) comes in.

ARP is a three-phase program which offers the «distant Diaspora» - the offspring of Africans who left the continent centuries ago in slave ships to the New World - the life-enriching opportunity to reconnect with the land, history and culture of their ancestors.

Inspired by our African values of kindness, and solidarity, we do this in the belief that knowing their roots will fill in a historical void, impact their lives in a positive way, and empower them to become more effective citizens in the country of their birth.  

ARP is an effort to make the connection real; bring the long wandering child of the Diaspora back to his or her people. It is billed as the second half of the slave story - the return by choice, over open skies, to the land from which their ancestors were forced out in chains and over turbulent waters, of DNA-certified members of the African Diaspora.

It marks the completion of that historical loop with this happy ending: a reconnection of the two halves of a once broken people.  

ARP is designed to promote DNA testing in the USA and around the world, and establish a new spirit of understanding, exchange and connection between African peoples in the continent and in the Diaspora.

It is the ARK Jammers’s commitment to promote the ideals of Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance.

As cultural ambassadors devoted to showing «the other Africa» and contributing to the restoration of Africa’s image and pride, we seize the opportunity of the 50th Anniversary of the Organization of African Unity - African Union (OAU-AU) to invite the global African family to reflect on the past five decades and seek answers to the two questions that each must ask:  ! **What did I do at any time  in the past to make Africa a more pleasant society?   **What is my responsibility, what can I do to make Africa a better continent? ! We firmly believe that it is the collective actions of individual Africans that will move the region forward, especially at a time when the world is taking another and more positive look at this continent of warmth, hope and opportunity.  Any African, anywhere, and at any time  has the duty  to perform those acts that contribute to the changing narrative on Africa: to see the positive in a difficult situation, to encourage others, to listen to our friends and family, to treat others with respect and to volunteer our time, skills and resources to help make the world a better place. This is the "K" in ARK, which stands for "kindness". We believe that with kindness, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

ARP offers a platform where cultures meet, work and create something new together.

It is a powerful tool for cultural diplomacy, which we hope will foster friendly relations, enhance cultural similarities and contribute to strengthening the ties between participating countries and African nations.

ARP is organized in partnership with African Ancestry, Inc. (AA), the world's leading company in DNA testing for people of African origin. It will be supported by the AU and by the embassies of the member-states of the AU accredited to the participating countries. 





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